Do not confound Truth by overlaying it with falsehood,

nor knowingly conceal the Truth.

(Quran-Chapter-2: Verse-42)

Say, O Mankind! The truth has surely come to you from your Lord.

So whoever chooses to be guided, it is only for their own good.

And whoever chooses to stray, it is only to their own loss…

(Quran-Chapter-2: Verse-42)

Truth has come and falsehood has vanished.

Surely! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish

(Quran-Chapter-17: Verse-81)

Thus, is God your true Lord. In the absence of truth there is

nothing but falsehood. Then where are you being led away?

(Quran-Chapter-10: Verse-32)

We will show them Our signs in all the horizons and in within themselves

until it becomes clear to them that He is the TRUTH. Is it not

sufficient that your Lord is witness over everything?

(Quran-Chapter-41: Verse-53)

Truth is heavy and bitter, while falsehood is light and sweet,

and often desire and lust can give pleasure for a moment,

but it brings long sorrow.

(Prophet Mohammad PBUH)

Truth is the way to heaven and falsehood is

the way to hell and there is an inviter on every path

(Imam Ali)


This website ( is a genuine platform to discover the pure Islam. The contents of the website are authentic, which have been prepared, checked and endorsed by the most learned scholars and religious authorities. This platform has prepared by a non-profitable organisation called “Sincere Community Services” (SCS) for the pure purpose of conveying the divine message to the mankind free of charge and has no commercial intention.


Sincere Community Services-(SCS) is an independent, non-profitable and non-governmental organisation which aims to assist people in finding true Islam. SCS is striving to provide various services to mankind, including educational, spiritual and social services especially to non-Muslims and new Muslims.

SCS is currently run by a group of sincere believers including new Muslims.


Although there are many platforms and websites that propagate Islam through their own sectarian visions, there are only few platforms like SCS that sincerely try to introduce the pure version of Islam. SCS strives to introduce the true face of Islam that everyone can understand and can distinguish between the true religion and those that are mixed with falsehood.

Unfortunately, some converts specially those who embrace Islam just because of the marriage, leave Islam after their conversion, because of the lack of genuine sources for understanding the beauties of the pure Islam. They may leave Islam, because of some other reasons too, such as personal circumstances, isolation, lack of support, Lack of guidance, Islamophobic propagandas etc.

It is every Muslim’s responsibility to convey true Islam to non-Muslims based on intellectual reasons and provide support to their new brothers and sisters in faith. SCS is sincere in its endeavours to present the real Islam based on intellect and reason and provide necessary support to keep them on the right path.

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