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Types of impure things (Najasaat)


In Islam, there are certain things which are considered to be ritually unclean (najis). We are commanded by our Lord to stay away from these impure things. There are 9 types of ritually unclean things (najaasat):

  1. Urine.
  2. 2. Faeces.
  3. Human semen.
  4. Corpse.
  5. Blood.
  6. Dogs
  7. Pigs
  8. Intoxicating drinks as an obligatory precaution.
  9. Those who do not believe in any of the heavenly religions (kuffar).


“Everything is deemed to clean except what divine Jurisprudence has decreed to be najis (ritually impure)”

1 and 2. urine and faeces: of human beings or any animal whose meat is haram to eat and whose blood spurts when its jugular vein is cut, e.g. mice, cats, and dogs etc. except birds.

The urine and faeces of animals whose meat is halal to eat, including birds such as sparrows and pigeons, mammals, such as cattle and sheep, and animals whose meat is not halal to eat but their blood does not spurt when their major veins are cut, such as snakes and scale less fish, as well as the urine and faeces of birds whose meat is not halal, such as crows and parrots, are considered tahir (ritually clean).

  1. Semen: The semen of human beings and animals whose meat is forbidden to eat and whose blood spurts when they slaughtered, are considered impure (najis). The semen of animals whose meat is halal to eat, is also considered impure as per precaution.
  2. Corpse: The corpse of a human being is najis. Similarly, the corpse of any animal whose blood gushes spurts is najis, irrespective of whether it dies a natural death or is killed in a manner other than that prescribed by Islam, except for parts of that body that Islam considers to be without a soul, such as the nails, hair, and teeth.

Note: The corpse of a martyr who is killed in the way of Allah in the battlefield as well as that of a Muslim which is given three ghusls, is considered as tahir.

  1. Blood: The blood of a human being, and animals whose blood spurts when a large vein is cut whether their meat is halal or haram to eat is najis. The blood of an animal like a fish, or an insect like mosquito, is tahir because it does not spurt.

6 &7. Dogs & Pigs: Dogs and pigs are najis and this includes their hair, bones, nails and body fluids.

  1. Intoxicating drinks: All alcoholic beverages that are intoxicants, are najis based on obligatory precaution. If an intoxicating object is not a liquid, such as cannabis, opium, or cocaine, it is not considered najis even if it is mixed with water or another liquid and becomes a liquid.
  2. Those who deny God or Fundamentals of Belief (kuffar): Anyone who denies the existence of God Almighty, denies the resurrection or does not believe in any heavenly religion is an infidel and is impure (najis).

Note: the people of divine books such as Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Sabaeans are considered tahir.

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