What SCS offers:

  • Religious guidance
  • Educational services
  • Social network services
  • Matrimonial services
  • Personal and family counselling

SCS meets these aims with the support of volunteers.

Religious Guidance:
  • Conveying the divine message through social media networks including this website
  • Answering questions through various networks
  • Providing books and articles about Islam
  • Producing and distributing video clips
  • Presenting TV shows
  • Providing one to one spiritual guidance
  • Holding religious classes
Educational Services:

Providing necessary teachings of Islam, which cover:

  • Beliefs
  • Practical laws (Fiqh)
  • Ethics (Akhlaq)
  • History
  • Social responsibilities

These services are provided through various channels.

SCS is pleased to present to new Muslims a welcome pack, which includes a copy of the Quran, Islamic books including a headscarf to new sisters.

Social Network Services:
  • Establishing a community to welcome new Muslims
  • Facilitating relationships between new Muslims
  • Providing community support for new Muslims
  • Arranging religious events
  • Celebrating special events such as Eid with new Muslims

SCS is also looking for volunteers to help and provide support.

Matrimonial Services:

SCS is pleased to provide Matrimonial Services to all Muslims especially to new Muslims. Please click here to use the services.

Personal and Family counselling:

SCS is glad to provide counselling services staffed by volunteer professional scholars to individuals or families in the community free of cost.

To book an appointment please call: 0800 001 6516

or email:

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